Enterprise Management
& Collaboration

Create a Simple and Seamless digital environment and Transform your working lives! Digitize your Documents and processes and become a Paperless organization!

Ergoman is specialized in business processes digitization! We offer a full range of digital processes and collaboration services along with workflows automation and document management to reporting.

  • Digitalization of Documents & Document management
  • Rule-based Workflows, Escalations and digital signatures along
  • Digital solutions for customer interactions – Digital on boarding
  • Procurement Management, Contract Management, Invoice Management, HR Management
  • Mobile Collaboration, Desktop Spaces, Small Groups Spaces, Larger Spaces, Conference Rooms.
  • Project Collaboration and Task Management tools.

We combine advanced solutions with existing applications and Open Source tools to provide tailore made solutions according to the customer needs.

Leading Vendors and Solutions

Seeing the big picture

Make better decisions and increase productivity with custom overviews and dashboards.
Visualize project details as timelines, Gantt charts, kanban, or more.


Manage your projects entirely - increase productivity by creating reports

The intuitive presentation of subtasks, priorities, responsibilities and due dates keeps all team members up-to-date. Executives quickly get an overview of the current state of play.

Easy Collaboration

Store all your conversations, documents, checklists, and notes in one place. Centralize your communication and reduce your mail volume by 20%.
Use monday.com to manage all projects and processes.


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