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AI & Machine Learning  –  Big data

Close the Gap between Data and Decision Makers. Make the decisions that achieve better outcomes for your business!

  • Design and implement user-friendly, live, dynamic “dashboards” tailored to each employee according to their needs so as not to waste their time with static spreadsheets that need to be updated every time they need them.
  • Draw data from a wide range of scattered endpoints throughout the organization and by analyzing them create information that can be used to introduce improvements on a continuous and real time basis.
  • Create flexible Planning, Budgeting & disclosure models for easy forecasts, what if scenarios and financial reporting and stop wasting your time on relevant static spreadsheets!
  • Use Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Machine Learning technologies that harness the dynamics of huge data volumes to anticipate and solve customer problems before issues arise.

We offer a full range of data prep and data management to data visualization services like:

  • Data Acquisition (ETL), Data Warehouses, Data Virtualization Solutions
  • Reporting
  • Balanced Scorecards & Executive Dashboards
  • Revenue, Expenses, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, P&L Budgeting.
  • Real-time Data Analysis
  • Streamlined Machine Learning
  • Direct Data Analytics solutions for Oracle EBS, JD Edwards, SAP, Salesforce, Azure Synapse
  • Internal Financial Reports
  • External & Regulatory Finance Reports
  • Worldwide XBRL Tagging

Let us help you choose the best Business Analytics approach for your company. Whether the answer is a self-service transformation tool, a data warehouse or a hybrid solution, we will propose the most suitable tool for your organization among the proliferation of the best BA tools.


Create a Simple and Seamless digital environment and Transform your working lives! Digitize your Documents and processes and become a Paperless organization!

  • Empower all kinds of employees, partners and customers with digital tools that maximizes collaboration and increase productivity! Give employees freedom of movement on important issues through appropriate systems and best practices!
  • Allow your employees to work from wherever they are and from any device with modern Cloud technologies.
  • Promote teamwork with tools that have been created not only for the individual’s productivity but also for different groups and are consistent with the efficiency of the whole organization.
  • Digitalize operating processes and reshape service models.
  • Stop handling manually the massive volume of physical documents and workflows that accumulates day by day. Save money and time – stand free of errors and loss of information!

We offer a full range of digital processes and collaboration services along with workflows automation and document management to reporting.

  • Digitalization of Documents & Document management
  • Rule-based Workflows, Escalations and digital signatures along
  • Digital solutions for customer interactions – Digital on boarding
  • Procurement Management, Contract Management, Invoice Management, HR Management
  • Mobile Collaboration, Desktop Spaces, Small Groups Spaces, Larger Spaces, Conference Rooms.
  • Project Collaboration and Task Management tools.

Let us help you build the next generation digital processes and workplace and engage your Employees with tools to be more flexible, connected, engaged, and productive.


Digitize your Network Planning and Survey operations. Just ask us – we have the right solution for your individual needs.

Providers are facing the challenge of a time consuming and work intensive Network Planning environment, where Site information like support and equipment data are redundantly stored in data silos like Excel files.

Further, the classical preparation of Site Surveys (field visits) is time consuming and accompanied by a lot of manual work. Information like photos and documents is spread over different folders and/or data bases.

Ergoman has significant know how in the area of Network planning, Survey tools and provides value added consulting services to telecom providers. Our solutions support planning and documentation of fix networks like core networks, access networks, transmission networks and mobile radio networks on the basis of all established transmission technologies (IP, Ethernet, MPLS, SDH, PDH, ATM, FR etc.) as well as mobile technologies from 2G (DCS/GSM) to 4G (LTE-Advanced).

We offer services that help you:

  • Integrate Network Planning data, fault management, inventory, asset management and more, in one central system. Enables you to compare the real network data with those based on planning.
  • Allows complete audit trailed data storage combined with high security.
  • Offers Network Planning Analytics.
  • Allows real time survey data communication

Multi-Service-Routers and Ethernet Access Devices

The ONE series provides an unrivaled choice of routers to enable voice, data and services in enterprise branch-offices. The range addresses the varying speed requirements, SIP- or
TDM-based voice and WAN connectivity requirements from small branch offices to multi-national headquarters. OneAccess offers a one-stop-shop experience to deliver WAN
networking solutions to business customers.

The OneAccess Ethernet Access Devices (EAD) are carrier-grade quality, MEF-certified access platforms for delivery of Carrier Ethernet Services. These flexible and future-proof platforms based on software make a comprehensive range for Ethernet access over Copper or Fiber.

Ergoman has significant know-how in the area of IP-based Bandwidth & Voice Solutions and
provides value-added consulting services to telecom providers. We are proud to be EKINOPS’s exclusive Channel Partner for OneAccess products in Germany.

OneAccess stands for:

  • Supporting all Interfaces (Fiber/GSM/LTE/ISDN, etc.).
  • Protocols: VDSL2, 35b, G.Fast
  • Performance up to 20 GBit/s
  • Low TCO.