The most efficient way to record and manage telecommunication services while automating control and optimizing costs

- Telecom Inventory management

- Cost control

- billing Tracking & analysis

- telecom plans optimization

- intelligent reporting

- data consolidation

smart & automated


A comprehensive solution for inventory management and cost control addressing the needs of enterprises with moderate to complex telecom infrastructure. Trough it’s simple yet intuitive user interface, TelEXP helps organizations to minimize manual process, reduce errors, control telecom costs, and manage effectively complex network infrastructure. The system supports all network types and technologies (fixed, mobile, data) as well as all physical network elements.

Telexp - automation
TelExp - Control
TelExp - Traceability
TelExp - Optimization
TelExp - Planning
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Main characteristics of TelExp

  • Simple, Intuitive yet powerfull interface
  • Automated, flexible multi provider data import (bill analysis)
  • Multilevel Reporting (per Location, Department, Use,Provider, Type)
  • Automated Check Points
  • Highly Customizable to Customer Needs
  • Track history of changes for telecom assets (lines and services)
  • Alerting for unjustified cost overruns
  • Integration with third-party systems such as ERP, CRM, BI.

multiple company branches - Multiple Operators - Multiple telecom plans

The TelExp benefits

  • Reduce effort and working time/cost
  • Minimize errors and automate control workflows
  • Access to Integrated reporting
  • Have all info available in order to negotiate better terms
  • Optimize telecommunications services
  • Assign expenses to different cost centers
  • Reduce telecom cost

Data Consolidation

Smart & automated import and mapping of data


Utilize any type of billing analysis. Support any kind of document & format

Smart & Automated Import & Mapping Process

Data from different carriers consolidated in a unified format, in one system

Telexp Data consolidation


Manage effectively the Telecom expenses
& your telecom infrastructure